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Sock Toe Closing Machine

1. The sock toe closing machine features a closed high speed head, and is a very low noise machine. With automatic cutting, the single sock will fall automatically from the machine, and the machine meets standards for the European Union and Japanese companies.
2. The sock knitting machine has a balanced transfer with a high and stable speed.
3. The conveyor device can be reversed in 180°. It is easy to thread it and clear the yarn out.
4. It is equipped with a 2 time cutter device. After looping, the effect looks like hand-looped socks.
5. With an economic design, the toe closing machine is easy to clean.
6. The auxiliary sock machine is equipped with imported main materials in order to prolong the service life.
7. With an independent motor control system, the computer can adjust the sewing density and speed to effectively control the elongation and shortening of the sewing process.
8. With a double sewing head, the curvature can be automatically adjusted. The second head lifts and rises automatically, giving the machine a wide stitching range.

Technical Specifications:
Production Capacity: 450-800 pairs/hour
Application: 80-240 needles
Power: main server: 200W/48V
Dust-cleaner: 430W/220V
Packing Specification (W x L x H): 1160 x 550 x 1250mm 18/48 SETS 20GP/40HQ

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