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Sock Steam Boarding Machine

The De Kang brand series hot steam setting machine is one of our new patented products, designed to solve problems that arise with the use of other similar machines (inability to set high-end cotton socks, silk stocking and wet socks, uneven setting and drying, high temperature burns on the ribbed tops, dark colors after setting, white socks end up with yellow or other colored spots). A setting machine is most often used in textile drying and setting, especially for socks, underclothes, gloves, hats and other garments. It is a rather new product, designed to replace traditional boiler setting machines. The quality levels have earned it a national patent certificate.

1. Uniform temperature settings can ensure the interior temperature is even, so that product size is even and consistent. This effectively improves the product quality and reduces the number of workers required at each machine.
2. A constant temperate device sets accurate temperatures according to the different textile materials. It is applicable to most materials, including polypropylene fabric and silk.
3. Waste heat reuse devices reduce the fuel and electricity consumption. A steam recycling device changes the high energy consumption modes of traditional steam setting machines into a more economic mode, saving money for the customer.
4. The sock steam boarding machine can imprint patterns.

Technical Parameters:

Model Cabinet Volume/cm Overall Dimension/cm Thermal Power/kw Motor Power /kw Max. Design Production Capacity/ hour
DKP120-10 80*45*126 130*80*170 15 1.1 720 pairs
DKP120-10D 80*45*126 130*88*170 15 1.1 1200pairs
DKP120-40 165*78*120 275*130*190 30 3 3000pairs
DKP120-60 165*110*120 275*150*190 30 3 4000pairs
DK120-24 93*800*126 175*130*185 24 2.57 1500pairs
HW120-24 93*800*126 175*130*185 24 2.57 1500pairs
HW120-42 12*110*126 200*150*190 30 3.37 3000pairs
HW140-42 124*114*140 230*150*200 30 3.37 3300pairs
HW120-56 150*114*126 230*160*190 33 3.37 4000pairs

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