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Auxiliary Machines

    1. Sock Toe Closing MachineThe sock toe closing machine features a closed high speed head, and is a very low noise machine. With automatic cutting, the single sock will fall automatically from the machine, and the machine meets standards for the European Union and Japanese companies.
    1. Sock Steam Boarding MachineUniform temperature settings can ensure the interior temperature is even, so that product size is even and consistent. This effectively improves the product quality and reduces the number of workers required at each machine.
    1. Air CompressorWe supply air compressors for all our sock making machines. We will help customers choose the best shipping method and which air compressor goes with which knitting machine.
    1. Air BlowerWe also supply air blowers for our sock making machines. We have a 3KW air blower for 8 set sock machines, a 5.5KW air blower for 15 set sock making machines, a 7.5KW air blower for 22 set sock machines, and 11KW air blowers for a 30 set sock machine.

We supply a variety of machines to set up a sock production facility, and we will provide thorough shipping options.

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