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About Welfull

Are you a clothing manufacturer that wants to produce stylish, comfortable socks and other garments? Look no further than Welfull Group Co., Ltd. Founded in 1992, we are a specialist in the clothing industry for the development, production and sales of computer controlled knitting machinery and garment machinery at cost effective prices. Whether you are seeking to expand a current production facility, or develop a new one altogether, Welfull Group has what you need. Through more than 20 years of experience, we have expanded, and now own 2 garment factories, 1 machinery factory and 1 chemical material factory. With more than 200 employees and advanced machinery imported from Germany, Austria and Italy, our monthly production capacity is 500 sock knitting machines, ensuring we can keep up with all our customers and their requirements. Our R&D department is responsible for the production, assembly and commissioning of each sock knitting machine to guarantee the product quality. Demonstrating our quality, is our certification to ISO9001, ISO14001 and CE standards.

Our sock knitting machines are now found in garment factories in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America and Africa. To better assist our customers, not only do we offer friendly and comprehensive sales assistance, we also provide installation and accessory services. Our engineers offer installation training for free, and during the delivery process, we are in close communication with the customer, providing professional technical guidance to make sure that they can operate their product at the optimum level. Throughout the construction process for a new sock manufacturing facility, or just normal expansion, our engineers work directly with the customer for commissioning, training, installation, and initial operation. This allows our customers to get the most cost effective and reliable services and solutions for their needs.

Located in Huzhou City, near the Shanghai Port, we have excellent logistical advantages, significantly reducing transportation and shipping costs to our customers, adding even more cost benefits to our already competitive prices.

We look forward to working with you, and providing sock knitting machines that are guaranteed to produce socks popular among young and old alike.

    1. Developing History

      After several years of development, Welfull Group set up its first clothing factory in Huzhou City.

      Due to the rapid business development, a second clothing factory was established. In addition, Welfull Group bought land in Huzhou City and began to build their own production base.

      Construction of the production base in Huzhou City was completed. At this time, Welfull also owned 2 clothing factories and 1 chemical factory.

    1. Certificates

      Certificate Name: CE certificate
      Certificate Content: Whether the quality of the WD2001D/W613 machines meet industry standards
      Certificate Authority: Shenzhen BST Technology Co., Ltd
      Purpose of Certificate: Technology and quality meet the standards
      Date of Issue: January 18, 2016

    1. Company Tour

      The industrial park covers an area of 50,000 square meters with a beautiful environment. The greening rate reaches an even 50%.

    1. Solutions

      With expert knowledge and years of experience in the clothing industry and manufacturing sock knitting machines, our dedicated service team is there to help you find the product best suited to your needs. Each member of the team is professional, systematically trained and multilingual, so they can assist and communicate smoothly with you in your native language, ensuring clarity on both sides. We provide our customers with an overall plan according to their specific needs.

    1. Service

      Our Promise
      1. Once you make the decision to work with us, we will track the entire process, from storage, to production, to the final commissioning. Our engineers keep strict control over each step of the process, and customers will be kept up to date on the progress via photos and quality reports.
      2. After assembly, each machine will undergo extensive testing to ensure the best possible performance. Testing includes 72 hours of operation with no materials, followed by 72 hours of operation with materials to ensure the machine is completely stable. Once we have determined the machine to be at its absolute best, we package it in such a way that it remains in the best possible condition when it is delivered.
      3. We pack each machine to protect it until the moment it reaches the customer and they unpackage it to put it into use. The inner vacuum package effectively isolates moisture, and the solid outer wooden case with a steel stripe on the edges is then put on a wooden pallet with a great loading capacity. Our packaging methods protect the machine, even in a harsh environment. No matter what transportation method is chosen, the product will arrive undamaged.