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Developing History

Welfull Group Co., Ltd. was established in Hangzhou City with only 12 employees. At the time, Welfull was part of the garment trade industry.

After several years of development, Welfull Group set up its first clothing factory in Huzhou City.

Due to the rapid business development, a second clothing factory was established. In addition, Welfull Group bought land in Huzhou City and began to build their own production base.

Construction of the production base in Huzhou City was completed. At this time, Welfull also owned 2 clothing factories and 1 chemical factory.

Welfull Sock Knitting Machine Company was established, producing sock knitting machines.

Welfull Sock Knitting Machine Company became a leading enterprise in the textile industry with a monthly output of 500 sets of sock knitting machines. Business has developed significantly, and now supplies machines to customers in the United States, Portugal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Brazil, Algeria, Mexico and other countries.