Welfull Group Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Paddy Wu
Tel.: +86-571-87229132
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Our Promise
1. Once you make the decision to work with us, we will track the entire process, from storage, to production, to the final commissioning. Our engineers keep strict control over each step of the process, and customers will be kept up to date on the progress via photos and quality reports.
2. After assembly, each machine will undergo extensive testing to ensure the best possible performance. Testing includes 72 hours of operation with no materials, followed by 72 hours of operation with materials to ensure the machine is completely stable. Once we have determined the machine to be at its absolute best, we package it in such a way that it remains in the best possible condition when it is delivered.
3. We pack each machine to protect it until the moment it reaches the customer and they unpackage it to put it into use. The inner vacuum package effectively isolates moisture, and the solid outer wooden case with a steel stripe on the edges is then put on a wooden pallet with a great loading capacity. Our packaging methods protect the machine, even in a harsh environment. No matter what transportation method is chosen, the product will arrive undamaged.

Our Service
1. We offer a one year warranty period for the accessories on every sock knitting machine (the only exception being wearing parts such as needles).
2. If you have problems operating the machine, contact us, and we will do everything possible to solve the issue within 48 hours. We offer solutions via video, e-mail, and phone. Customers can also send an engineer to our facilities for training until they are thoroughly educated in operation and maintenance of the sock knitting machine. We will provide free accommodation for them.
3. If you have just established a new factory, our engineers will provide practical guidance until you are able to independently produce new socks.
4. We will send our engineers to customers who have purchased machines from us. They are sent annually for service to keep the machine running correctly and efficiently, and train employees.
5. Our engineering team regularly updates news and information about our products.