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With expert knowledge and years of experience in the clothing industry and manufacturing sock knitting machines, our dedicated service team is there to help you find the product best suited to your needs. Each member of the team is professional, systematically trained and multilingual, so they can assist and communicate smoothly with you in your native language, ensuring clarity on both sides. We provide our customers with an overall plan according to their specific needs.

1. If you own a factory, or are wanting to establish a new one, acquiring the right equipment is always a required step.
Come to us with the size of your plant, the geographic location, the products you want to manufacture, and the expected productivity, and our team will provide a feasible construction and production plan layout, free of charge. During the construction period, we will send an infrastructure engineer and a technical engineer. The infrastructure engineer will guide infrastructure construction, power supply configuration, selection of the installation position, and pipeline installation. Once the infrastructure engineer's job is complete, we will then send the technical engineer to help carry out the trial run and train your staff to ensure complete, correct and safe machine operation.

2. If you are a professional machinery seller
We can offer customized solutions based on the pattern and type of socks our customers show us. We will also recommend appropriate equipment based on your local conditions, and customization is also available to optimize your configurations. As an example, we can add the language of your country and your company logo to the operating system display. Through clear communication on both sides, we can develop the best product for your specific needs.

3. If you are an individual buyer
Please, don't hesitate to contact us with your requirements. We will answer all your questions, and sincerely welcome visits to our factory. Contact us today, and we will do everything possible to ensure we can provide all the necessary elements for sock production.