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Plain Sock Knitting Machine

This plain sock knitting machine uses the latest and most advanced technology in its color screen system, and also supports multiple language settings, including English, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Turkish and Chinese, making it easy for customers all over the world to use. With a 1G memory, the color screen system is capable of storing thousands of different patterns, and the modular accessories ensure the pattern design system is compatible with multiple computer systems for added ease of use.

In addition, the automatic lubricating system, extremely sensitive needle and yarn breakage protection system all work together to improve the overall production efficiency, keeping your business on track. The speed reaches up to 380 revolutions per minute, meaning it takes roughly only about 5 minute to knit a single pair of socks. The high speed ensures a high production capacity so that your production output is always on time. Knitting sizes are also optional, depending on various consumer needs.

1. One main feed, plus 5 pattern feeds
2. The sock knitting machine is capable of 6 colors in one production cycle, and 13 colors in one sock.
3. The entire weaving process is computer controlled with no roller.
4. The plain sock knitting machine maintains high speed operations in order to improve the internal triangle.
5. A stepping motor is used for elastic yarn and stitch cam control.
6. The sock machine also features an electro pneumatic yarn finger and cam control.
7. The machine features a maximum range and design of 1500 production cycles.
8. The machine automatically protects the computer and electronic components using sensing device.
9. A double down picker speeds up the knitting of the top and heel portion of the sock, ensuring an overall more precise sock design.
10. Automatic oiler feeding, counter, and reset functions are included.
11. The pattern design system is compatible with multiple computer software platforms.
12. 220. 380 or 415V, 3 phase 50 or 60Hz.
13. Main accessories are interchangeable with other sock knitting machines.
14. This machine is an automatic zero start machine, and installing a UPS system allows for continuous weaving even after a power failure.
15. Even after a power failure or other reason for the machine to quit operating, the sock design will be saved.
16. The display panel displays the sock pattern type.
17. This machine is a two feeder plain sock machine with 84 to 200 needles. Sock sizes produced here include 3.5 and 3.75 inches.

Technical Specifications:
Cylinder Diameter: 3/5"
Number of Needles: 84-200
Rotation 380(Max) Production capacity: 300 pairs/ 24 hours
Servo Motor: 1KW
Fan Motor: 1KW
Net Weight: 330KG
Gross Weight: 380 KG
Packing specification (W x L x H): 950 x 770 x 1700mm, 18/36 SETS 20GP/40HQ

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