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Plain and Terry Sock Knitting Machine

The plain and terry sock knitting machine uses the latest color screens system and supports multiple languages for international use, and features a 1G memory module to store thousands of patterns. This knitting system is controlled using computer programs with a keyboard and LCD display. During operation, each row is knit in a main color and 5 auxiliary colors. The largest range is up to 1200 rows. The knitting machine is high speed (up to 330 revolutions per minute), and typically takes only 6 minutes to produce a single pair of socks.

This sock knitting machine is designed primarily to produce terry socks, single cylinder manufactured thread socks, t-crotch pantyhose, cartoon socks, jacquard bikinis, and float stitch/reinforcement stitch/tuck stich patterns, stocking heels, adjustable pantyhose, and waved welt pattern socks. Changeover between plain mode and terry mode is quick and easy.

1. All materials in the needle system use advanced technology from Japan, and are extremely stable and have a high wearing rate.
2. The machine is drumless, and fully computer controlled.
3. This sock knitting machine utilizes electro-pneumatic yarn finger and came control.
4. The stepping motor is used for elastic yarn and stitch cam control.
5. A double pick and double lit needle are used to beat a heel, and are capable of knitting a Y heel.
6. The machine will automatically stop when sensors pick up on any errors.
7. The machine features 1 main feeder plus 5 pattern feeders (1+14 colors).
8. When equipped with a UPS system, the knitting machine will retain the memory of the program and knitting settings is electric power is lost. When the power is restored, the machine will resume knitting without needing to reset the parameters.
9. Knitting operations can be carried out through the use of a keyboard and LCD system.
10. The fog form of the needle is even to provide oil, reducing dirt and other impurities into the fabric of the sock.

Sock Samples

Users can choose their own sizes, or ask us for assistance.
3.75 '' plain and terry/3.75''terry /3.5'' terry 3.75 '' arbitrarily terry/3.75'' two feed /4'' terry socks
The sock machine is capable of producing both plain and terry socks.

Technical Specifications:
Cylinder Diameter: 3/75"
Number of Needles: 84-220N
Rotation 380(Max) Production capacity: 300 pairs/ 24 hours
Servo Motor: 1KW
Fan Motor: 1KW
Net Weight: 330KG
Gross Weight: 380 KG
Packing specification (W x L x H): 950 x 770 x 1700mm, 18/36 SETS 20GP/40HQ

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