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Invisible Sock Knitting Machine

The invisible sock knitting machine utilizes the latest color screen system, programmed with multiple languages and a 1G memory module to store thousands of patterns.

The computer controlled invisible sock knitting machine knits various types of invisible socks, and all functions are carried out using the electronically controlled gas circuit, step motor and servo motor.

With a double press needle knitting technology, the computer can automatically adjust the angle when knitting the sock toes and heels; significantly improving the work efficiency and providing solutions to issues that arise with the use of single press needle technology.

This machine operates quickly, with 350 revolutions per minute, and a pair of socks completed in just 6 minutes. The invisible sock knitting machine is small and easy to move, allowing users to place it in the most ideal location within their factory. This model is a 3.5 inch invisible sock machine to produce invisible socks.

1. All materials in the needle system use technology from Japan, and are known for their stability and wearablility.
2. Drumless, fully computer controlled.
3. Electro-pneumatic yarn finger and cam control.
4. The stepping motor is used for elastic yarn and stitch cam control.
5. The double picks and double lift needle can beat the heel and knit a Y heel.
6. The machine automatically stops when sensors pick up on any errors.
7. One main feeder + 5 pattern feeders (1+14 colors).
8. Equipping the invisible sock knitting machine with a UPS system keeps the program memory and knitting action stored if the power to the machine is cut. When power is restored, the knitting machine will pick up right where it left off.
9. Knitting can be operated using a keyboard and LCD.
10. The fog form of the needle tube is even in order to provide oil that will keep the fabric clean.
All socks manufactured by Welfull are fashionable and comfortable.

Sock Samples

Technical Specifications:
Cylinder Diameter: 3/5"
Number of Needles: 76-200N
Rotation: 380(Max)
Production Capacity: 300 pairs/ 24 hours
Servomotor: 1KW
Fan Motor: 1KW
Net Weight: 330KG
Gross Weight: 380 KG
Packing specification: (W x L x H) 950 x 770 x 1700mm 18/36 SETS 20GP/40HQ

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