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Sock Knitting Machines

    1. Plain Sock Knitting MachineThe sock steam boarding machine is applicable to the creation of socks for any person, from adults to children. The sock knitting machine creates panty hose, children's socks, and athletic socks, as well as a variety of everyday socks, all of which are thin and breathable.
    1. Plain and Terry Sock Knitting MachineThis sock knitting machine is designed primarily to produce terry socks, single cylinder manufactured thread socks, t-crotch pantyhose, cartoon socks, jacquard bikinis, and float stitch/reinforcement stitch/tuck stich patterns, stocking heels, adjustable pantyhose, and waved welt pattern socks.
    1. Double Cylinder Sock Knitting MachineWe produce the double cylinder sock knitting machine in 3 different dimensions to meet various customer requirements. We can also offer personalized solutions such as programming the language to your native language, and adding your company's logo to the operating system's display.
    1. Toe Sock Knitting MachineEquipping the toe sock knitting machine with a UPS system keeps the program memory and knitting action stored if the power to the machine is cut. When power is restored, the knitting machine will pick up right where it left off.

All machines from Welfull Group are customizable. This includes programming of the customer's native language, and the addition of the customer's company name to the operating system display. Users can also choose various sizes abased on their needs, and finally, we also offer solutions to help establish a new sock making factory.

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